2019 Prix Sade: first selection

The French edition of Mutilation Song has been included in the Prix Sade’s first selection of twelve works. The Prix Sade aims to celebrate “contemporary libertinism”,  to recognize a writer who has managed “beyond the vicissitudes of the Revolution and the influence of the moral order, to undo the shackles of literature like those of politics.” The prize will be awarded on the 14th of September.

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French edition reviewed in webzine Diacritik

“The evil here does not reside in the tortures and abuses that Dinn, the demon, sends in visions to his anti-Saint-Antoine… but in the disaffection that he arranges, in the rupture of all personal ties. On closer observation, Mutilation Song, like The Plight House before it, is, strangely, a book about love.”

— Lucien Raphmaj

Diacritik >

French radio review of Mutilation Song

“The almost clinical language in which these hallucinatory states are described… at the same time holds a subterranean current… the idea that there is, despite all, a space of purity, or in any case incorruptibility, of the human soul. It’s this delicate seed that the demon aims to suppress, to annihilate, to reduce utterly to ashes. And that, yet, is omnipresent.”

— Nikola Delescluse

Paludes, Radio Campus Lille >

First online reviews for French edition of Mutilation Song

“A new trap, this is what Jason Hrivnak proposes in Mutilation Song… A fabulous nightmare of hypnotic logorrhea, strewn with visions worthy of a Clive Barker on acid.”

— Nicolas Winter

Just a Word >

“Dazzling and suffocating, this violent plunge into the demonism of schizophrenia opens an entire world-in-a-book, a labyrinth of shifting voices, of truths to be deciphered… A truly great novel.”

La viduité >

“Profoundly disturbing and resolutely magnificent.”

— Hugues Robert

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French translation: Le chant de la mutilation

Le chant de la mutilation, the French translation of Mutilation Song, is now available in paperback and ebook formats from Éditions de l’Ogre, Paris-based specialists in the “literature of unreality”. The translation is by Claro.

“There was once the bildungsroman, the novel of formation, as illustrated by Dickens, Fielding, but also Flaubert, and Vallès, to cite only the most foundational and innovative. Would Jason Hrivnak invent another genre: the novel of deformation? This is what we are invited to discover… with the publication of Mutilation Song.”

— Claro

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